Jyoti Narain is an accomplished and competent professional with over 33 years of experience in strategic business planning, operations management,Network marketing, Training and Development, product development,real estate, retail, media & communications. A Thinker, visionary and astute professional with legal and management background,has held numerous responsibilities on board of various companies and in the process established industries in tourism,news channel publishing house,networking companies,retail and real estate from scratch.He had been a positive motivator for network of fifty lakh people spread over all the states in India. He had been a Group Editor for various magazines based on politics, women issues and finance.He is the Managing Editor of daily news paper spread through five editions.

He brought his varied experience to the field of consultancy, training and development as Chairman with Strategists’ World, one of India’s first integrated communications consulting firms. With many years of consulting experience he has the unique ability to understand business objectives and bring a strong focused approach to strategic communication campaigns His enriching experience in all spheres of life and management for 33 years has inspired him work for enriching lives of people.
To take his journey further Jyoti Narain embraced his invaluable experience with Life Coach training with ICF(International Coach Federation) and now he is also a global member of International Coach Federation US.He is continuously upgrading himself with latest and innovative developments in coaching, training and development.
A thorough human being, a soulful musician and a visionary jyotinarain is capable of sharing invaluable insights with you all to unlock your inner potential and get to a place where you want to be from where you are.Stirring your inner conscious through Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) will take you to new level to achieve your goal.