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Are you struggling to decide on what you want in life? Visit our online platform Inspiringlives. You can have one-on-one discovery sessions with our experienced life coaches, where both of you can cordially come up with strategies to help you cope and move forward.

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Liberate and Celebrate Yourself Through Life Coaching

Whether you are feeling stuck or even looking to find a new direction in life, at Inspiringlives, we help. We are an online platform providing life-coaching services for people who are in need of the right support and unbiased advice. We house some of the renowned and experienced life coaches who can help you improve your self-confidence and work towards your goals. 

In addition, if you’re someone who aces at motivating and guiding people who are juggling through various circumstances in terms of family, self-confidence, career, and others, you’re also welcome to our platform. We give the opportunity to life coaches, relationship coaches and other motivational trainers to connect to those who are in need of you. To find out more about, feel free to contact us.

Personal development coaching to maximize your life potential

To thrive in life, we have to master the persistent challenge of balancing work, health, responsibility, family and relationships. At Inspiringlives, some of the leading and path breaking life coaches, motivational speakers, counsellors, authors and other thoughtful people, will mentor you in all these aspects.

They help you explore the sustainable way forward that helps you focus on what matters most in life.

Meet Our Team

As one of the leading coaching companies, we have a team of experienced, knowledgeable and best talents from around the country who are serving clients all around the globe. We collaborate with corporations, universities and individuals to provide personalized coaching across many areas of expertise.

We coach in a wide variety of environment and contexts, and we work with clients who are just starting their careers all the way to top CEOs. Though our clientele is quite diverse, we find there are some common themes among them. The people who see us for guidance and mentoring are people who are not contented about mediocrity, instead are dedicated to their future vision for 

themselves and their lives. They are on an unvarying voyage of learning and self-improvement, and we work with some people who are ready to take on that challenge.

 Inspiring and motivating people to achieve their true potential.

There is an art to find grace in adversity. At Inspiringlives, we teach people how to ignite the inner fire of determination, to gracefully handle the unexpected, to innovate and successfully navigate challenges. Ultimately, the purpose is to learn to harness the tools needed to live with zeal, dedication, and indisputable well-being, while, at the same time, bringing our heart, kindness, and compassion to each other.


Meet Our Speakers

Kelsey de Waal
Kelsey de Waal

Transformation Coach

Praveen Kodihally
Praveen Kodihally

Motivational Speaker


Personal success Coach


Founder, Coach for Excellence | NLP Master Practitioner


Success Coach


Corporate Trainer

Our Platform Helps You To:


  • Discover, clarify, and align with what you want to achieve
  • Explore options and alternatives that work best for you
  • Elicit self-generated action plans and strategies
  • Holds you responsible and accountable
  • Gain direction, structure, hope, and positivity
  • Help dramatically improve your outlook on work and life

Unlock your true potential with mentoring and life counseling sessions from Inspiringlives!

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